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Posting an untitled entry.

Honestly, there's nothing I wanna say.

I dunno.....my mind is full of annoying things.

Maybe life's really boring.

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Life Time (sequel to ten seconds)

Life Time

Eunhyuk walked towards Donghae's room after the funeral. Everyone in Super Junior was very down. Leeteuk cried and tears flooded his face. Heechul went missing and no one knew where he was. Sungmin understand how painful it was to lose such a dongsaeng like Donghae. He really knew that Heechul loved his dongsaengs very much even if he could be cruel sometimes. Just like a hyung. Sometimes treated their dongsaengs badly, but secretly love them. Everyone was crying. Even Kibum. Even Henry. But Eunhyuk, he was smiling. To the fans, to everyone. But he didn't say anything. He was kinda emotionless. Like an empty vessel without a soul. He smiled but his eyes was blank. He didn't shed any tears. Ryeowook knew it was the manifestation of his unsheded tears. He didn't cry because he couldn't cry. He only watched silently as he saw Eunhyuk went to Donghae's room.

The dancing machine was broken. He knelt down to reach Donghae's bed sheet. Fixing it so it would be neater. Then he walked towards a group of CDs in the corner of them and sorted them out based on the musician. He kept on fixing and cleaning things. Then he found something interesting. A blue box. Covered with soft sapphire blue colored velveteen cloth. He opened the box. There's a big blue envelope. 'For Eunhyuk'. That was written on the face of the blue envelope. Eunhyuk stared at that thing and he spotted a blue fish outline on the lower right corner of the envelope. It got him more interested. So he decided to open the envelope and read a piece of paper in it. It was a letter. From Donghae to Eunhyuk.

He started to read the letter....

Dear Eunhyuk,

First thing first I wanna say sorry because I've never told anyone about my illness. Even you. I'm afraid that you'll be worried or something so I decided to keep it for myself. Honestly, I can't tell you. I don't have any courage to do so. Be cause I myself is afraid of this illness. I figured out about this two months ago. I was shocked. I've never imagined that something like that would catch up to me. I have a serious liver disease. I laughed at myself when I heard about this from the doctor. Then he said I'll only have some short time to live and that he was amazed because I can still do my activity like usual. He did tell me to take a rest, but I know if I did so then our duet time on the stage would only get shortened. So I choose to work. Because if I'm with you I'll feel stronger. Then a voice came up to my mind and whispered to me. Reminding me about how many time left for me in this world. I thought it was the voice of the reaper. Hahahaha, funny, right?? I still feel sad though....because  I have to leave you alone.

Donghae's POV (flashback)

I can't hold the tears....they're all over my cheeks now. But I continue writing.

I can't imagine of leaving you. I still wanna be with you....I can't believe all these years were not enough for me, but I really wanna be with you to the end of everything and we'll always be together until then. But god has another plan for me. He wants me to return to him. But I still need you.

Things really got blurry because of the tears in my eyes. I hate myself for having such an illness. I hate myself because I have to leave my dear Hyukkie alone. I won't be able to have a duet with him anymore. Even if I want to do it so bad. If I may ask for some more time....God....please.

From now and then, please don't forget about me. In fact....can you give me your heart?? Only for me....I'm sorry for being egoist. But I will never be able to watch you go on a date with someone else. I'm afraid that you'll replace me with some other fresher mate....

Kidding....you can always start something new without me....

You're so skinny so eat well.


I put the pen and the paper down. Inhaling. Exhaling. Then I fold it and put it into an envelope.

End of POV (end of flasback)

Eunhyuk could feel the hot tears streaming down like waterfall on his cheeks. He could finally cry after suffering for seconds to seconds after Donghae's death.

"I won't replace you with anyone, stupid fishy....", he rubbed his eyes.

He kept crying until he fell asleep.


Ten Seconds

Pairing: EunHae (HaeHyuk)
Genre: Romance, Angst!Warning: Character death!
Rating: I guess everyone can read it....
Summary: What would Donghae say If he only has ten seconds left for him to live

Ten Seconds

There's this mysterious voice who told me that I only have ten seconds left to live...

I called Eunhyuk and told him to sit beside me on the bench in a park near our dorm.

"Donghae, are you okay?? You look so pale", he said.
"I'm okay, Eunhyuk", I answered.

"Hae, look at your lips. They're blue already", he looked worried.
"Hyukkie just hear me out....", I moved my sight from the ground to his cute face.

"You'll always love to dance, won't you??", I asked.
"Of course. I'm looking forward to our next duet", Eunhyuk nodded cheerfully while putting on a simple sweet smile.

"So don't stop dancing, arasso??"

"Promise me"
"I promise"

"Saranghae", I murmured while grabbing his warm hands with my cold ones and he held me back.
"Me too", he tightened his grip to my hand.

I kissed him on the lips.

I leaned to his left shoulder hearing his fast heartbeats.

"Hyukkie....I'm sleepy", I closed my eyes.


P.S: I'm sorry because I killed Donghae in this fic. But I'm trying my best to make it sweet.


My Love and Reality


Only with a short fic though. Hope you don't mind.

Pairing: SiChul
Genre: Romance
Rating: I guess everyone can read this
Summary: A voice from Siwon's heart (I seriously hope so)

My Love and Reality

The world is as much as it's seen....
I locked myself in a dark room hoping to see the light
All things I did was keep questioning myself about what's wrong and what's right
To know that the one I love can love me back or not
Even the world keeps rotating I couldn't find myself any answer
Whether I can be loved or not....

I woke up in a backstage room after his voice calling on my name sweetly
We'd have to go on stage to perform it's you
As always....his whispers are nice...
I'll give anything to hear them all seconds in my life
The beautiful flower of everyone's which I wanna have for my own
So there will be no one can hear his voice
There will be no one can see his beautiful figure
No one
Because I want all of him for my own

My name is Choi Siwon
I'm in love with Kim Heechul
But no one seemed to care
Even him
All things on that stage were real for me
But only a fanservice for everyone
For him
For the fans

I hit that drums harder after he kissed me on lips back then
No one seemed to realize how happy I was at that time
He only left with a smirk
Hearing those loud screams of the fans
I did the same thing
Screaming happily
Deep down in my heart so that no one would hear it

I really wanna be with him
But the world will turn us down
That's it
I can't be with him
Because he's everyone's and all
I hate this kind of thing sometimes

I only wished to tell him
That I love him

That's all
I can live with that

P.S: Just a short story because I wanna write so bad. It's been a long time since I post my previous chaptered fic nyaa :D :D hope you like it :D :D tell me what do you think if they're really together in the real world please :D :D will you turn them down and hate them for that thing called love??


Happy Birthday Minniem Unnie

Happy birthday to you....

Happy birthday to you....

Happy birthday....

Happy birthday....

Happy birthday to you....

Happy Sweet 17 Minniem unnie

I'll always love you :D :D

I can't give you any outrageous gift or anything special. But I always pray that you'll always be in a good health, always have lovely days ahead of you, and I that you'll always love me too unnie :D :D

I have a piece of small virtual chocolate muffin for you

Here you go....

Blow the candle....

Whisper your wish....

Saranghae unnie :D :D



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